Joel Tucker and the Language of Jazz

Photo by Naama Levy

Photo by Naama Levy

Race flags and Christmas lights drape the walls of a hidden slice of Massachusetts Avenue. An old jukebox sits in the back, unattended as the 20-person crowd inside the Chatterbox Jazz Club listens attentively to the improvisations of a young trio–a bass player, a pianist, and an electric guitar player–squashed together on a small stage at the front of the room.

The guitar player, a young white guy with a mop of curly brown hair, bends intently over his chords. His eyes register that he’s somewhere else, perhaps absorbed in a secret story.

When Joel Tucker speaks, however, he is fully present, cheerful, polite.

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Songwriting and Sisterhood

Photo by Allister Ann

Photo by Allister Ann

Stepping out of my usual for a while, I recently wrote a first-person profile on this enchanting teenage sister duo. 

I meet Madeleine and Lily Jurkiewicz of the budding musical duo Lily & Madeleine at Monon Coffee Company. We fill up our mugs with black brew, and as we settle into comfy armchairs, I can tell it won’t be difficult getting these teenage sisters to talk.

“Our family’s pretty musical,” says 18-year-old Madeleine, a chestnut-haired senior from Bishop Chatard. “My mom taught us everything we know.”

A cross between Indie and folk, the duo’s music is lilting, ponderous, gentle; filled with youthful questioning and a surprising poetic maturity. An unexpected sound coming from the Justin Bieber generation.

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