Advent 2015: The Most Longing Time of the Year

I used to think that Christmas was the happiest time of the year—the time when all your longings of the previous year would find fulfillment, when all the sadness would evaporate, when all of your blahs would culminate in inexpressible happiness. I used to think that Christmas was the joyous celebration of Christ coming and filling all of us with perfect satisfaction and contentment.

I am learning that that is not quite true. Actually, not true at all.

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Prisoner’s Son Becomes Youth Leader

Zeeke-3-e1447364758200Originally published on the Prison Fellowship blog.

He remembers it like it was yesterday.

The day Zeeke Griffin’s dad was arrested was the day of 7th-grade basketball try-outs—the day his dad had been planning and preparing him for all year.

“I figured he’d just be home in the afternoon,” Zeeke recalls. “If I make the team, I’ll be able to come home from school and tell him.”

He remembers rushing home to tell his father that he had, in fact, made the team, but Zeeke’s dad wasn’t home that day after school. Or for the next two years.

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