Precious in His Sight: San Diego Woman Fights to Set Victims Free

One_on_One_Munsey_407x226Sex trafficking is the fastest-growing business for organized crime, and San Diego is one of its hot spots. In the most recent issue of byFaithI chatted with a woman named Susan Munsey who is providing compassion to victims of this injustice through her organization GenerateHope

Your personal story played a big role in your desire to start an aftercare house for girls who have been trafficked. Can you share a little of your story with us?

When I was 16, my parents divorced. I felt lost and alone. During this time, I ran into a guy who did with me what is very typical for many girls:  He made me believe that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I went for it, and before I knew it, I was in the street. For me—like for many kids—it was hard to say no, since I thought it meant I would lose love. Not long afterward, I was arrested. That was my saving grace.

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And Then God

(In the midst of our waiting for a referral, we have been reminded that we are not the first people in the universe to wait for something. In fact, we are preceded by a long line of folks who waited much longer, much harder, some more patiently, perhaps some less patiently then us. This is something I composed in tribute to them, and as a reminder to us that God has not forgotten the waiters.)


Abraham and Sarah
Waited for a child until
Age had claimed them;
Skin loosened, hands gnarled
Beyond the clasping of a prayer for an honest heir.

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