Eucharistic Friendship

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Friendship is a morsel of the Incarnation. As we partake of the bread and the wine, so friendship plays out Christ’s physicality in our lives.

Last week, one of my best friends moved 3,000 horrible miles across the country. Several months of unemployment, ambiguity about the future, and an increasing desire to live out west tugged my friend away from this place, and away from me. I hated to see her to go, but felt even more uneasy about her staying.

There seems to come a time with most good things for an ending to arrive, and resistance to that appropriate ending only prolongs the inevitable. The time had come for Rachel to leave, and I had to let her go.

Exactly four years ago, I stood where I stand today. In May of 2005, I drove away from four years of college and an equal amount of daily, dorm-dwelling friendship with my roommate, my best friend.

I moved to D.C. and began to set up a life for myself in a brand new place, doubtful that I would find friends who could compare to my college soul mates. I was wrong.

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